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I recently watched the film I Am Mother and was absolutely delighted, as it’s really top notch, intriguing, notable and keeps in suspense, incidentally, I watched it on the https://www.123-movies.im/movies/ site in fine quality without freeze and without registration.

The Robot Child movie, aka “I am a mother” in an original translation, came to be by Netflix for online distribution, but also in Russia and a couple of other countries it suddenly appeared in cinemas. Absolutely no advertising support. Not just one trailer. But at the same time it collects this area office at the quality of the film “Ma” with good advertising.

A clip for the film is interesting, yet it’s don’t to watch it, as it has a bunch of spoilers. Robot Child is certainly an awesome post-apocalyptic thriller. Similar ideas have already been encountered a few times in several films, but here everything joined together somehow especially well.

From the important points concerning the film – work around the script has been done since 2015. And you know, Child in the Robot will be the film that clearly demonstrates the script was read at least one time before filming. And it mat be two. Albeit not without jambs, but in the film, many small plot details happen to be worked out, many moments, although you may still find untold stories that ought to are slightly revealed on the viewer.

What / things I say. At the start of the film, you check out among the list of moments and think: no, the campaign was simply sealed from the inscriptions, it does not fit. And somehow you forget this moment. Anf the husband has not been in vain, like many others. For towards the end, if you have already left the hall and you commence go over the film, and there is a lot to debate there, you suddenly have an extensive puzzle. And so in several ways. Normally, the film is definitely worth watching carefully. There are a lot of secondary side points that perfectly reveal the plot and its essence.

The thriller overall became a success. It really is understandable, the key character what follows is a teenage girl, whose opinion is manipulated by everyone as they wants and can. But even that will make sense inside the end. The film a brand new chamber – but, suddenly, at some time, it’ll burst beyond its chamber. And this is also great but not always typical of the genre.

Bottom line. Rapidly minor flaws, the plot of the film will be well designed, the storyline is coherent and interesting, and whoever discusses the superficiality and simplicity in the plot just looked inattentively and would not give thought to details. In some degree, we can say that the film is fairly worthy on the second viewing, as a way to dig into information even better. The plot is dynamic, not sagging, without long conversations and tediousness. The film was definitely excellent to the creators, it’s a good idea for viewing, even the cinema, in precisely the same Netflix. You will find, for those who carefully watch the film, you won’t possess any questions regarding the’ambiguity on the ending’- it is actually more than unambiguous and then there are typical the answers. And who’s going to be the aunt outside, therefore on. Just take notice of the details. In the comments, we can easily discuss those that aren’t terrified of spoilers.

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